Feb 23, 2016

Second session held on Thursday, February 11, The Wild Promises of the Digital Customer Experience welcomed two speakers from the USA and Sweden who talked about the relationship in the digital world between brands and customers, governements and citizens, and two Open Stage speakers from Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Can a great digital experience empower the customers and not only secure a sale? The digital customer experience has been making the buzz these past months, promising corporations unmatched loyalty and competitivity. Learning from the digital-only brands, companies of various sizes are trying to implement a holistic digital strategy and catching the train to online fame. Even governments are taking the cue to improve the digital experience of the citizens. Beyond the buzz, what will this customer centric approach change for business and society?


Steve Ritchey - Introduction to The Wild Promises of the Digital Customer Experience

Steve Ritchey, one of the cofounders of Lift and presently head of the Group Digital Communications at Pictet Group, was the moderator of the Lift16 session The Wild Promises of the Digital Customer Experience. In this short introduction, he gives some historical background to this very Lift subject.


Brian Solis - The Experience when Business meets Design

Brian Solis, award-winning author, prominent blogger/writer and principal analyst at Altimeter Group, helps people understand and define the role we play in the evolution of technology and its impact.
In this first talk of the session, Brian Solis shows us how brands are focusing their designs on customer experience and why it matters, especially in the digital world.

Change your perspective and understand how to engage people online!

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Kristin Heinonen - The Upbringing of the Swedish Digital Citizen

Kristin Heinonen, digital trend analyst, identifies communication trends & emerging user behavior and delivers research and insight reports for media executives in the Nordics.
In the second talk of the session, Kristin Heinonen took Sweden as a study case of what it takes to bring an entire population into the digital world, what benefits both citizens and governments can get and what limitations it might have.

Check out her talk and discover how the Swedes declare their taxes through SMS and why it impacted their society as a whole.

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Nadina Frehner - ShoeSize.Me: facilitating digital decision making

Nadina Frehner, head of business development at ShoeSize.Me, helps shoe brands and retailers improve their customer’s digital experience.
In this open stage talk of the session, Nadina Frehner dived into the decision making process of online shoe customers, and how her startup ShoeSize.Me is revolutionizing it while also benefiting the retailers' supply chain.

Discover how a simple button on a website can completely change the customer experience.

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Atreyam Sharma (Leo) - The Next Wave of Disruption

Atreyam Sharma (Leo) is a technology geek, programmer, hardcore-gamer and the co-founder and vice-president of Workshop4Me, who teaches young generations how to integrate code.
In this final Open Stage of the session, Atreyam Sharma presented a unique standpoint: no matter what we believe to be true about the digital world, his generation has already natively integrated it. How do we adapt to these new customers but also present/future programers, designers and entrepreneurs?

Watch this video and get schooled by a 14-year-old disrupter :)

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This session was presented with the support of Emakina.

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