Feb 23, 2016

As the opening session of Lift16 on Thursday, February 11, Blockchain Technology Beyond Bitcoin featured three international experts from various fields related to the blockchain.

From art to science, law, politics and innovation, what unexpected and disruptive opportunities does the blockchain technology open? Since its open-source release in 2009, the blockchain has expanded from a public ledger recording money transactions for Bitcoin into an accountability system with features for performance, anonymity, storage and smart contracts. What lies beyond the distributed and trusted protocol that runs the most used decentralized cryptocurrency in the world? This session will explore the realm of possibility for the blockchain, beyond Bitcoin.

To start off, here is a 3-min introduction to what the blockchain is:


Storify of this session

Also check out this great storify of everything Blockchain that happenend at Lift16, by Nicolas Loubet, co-founder of Cellabaz.


Clément Epié - Introduction to the session

Clément Epié, co-founder of Cellabz, combining Blockchain and emerging technologies, was the moderator of this opening session. In this short introduction, he explains why we decided to look into this field in 2016 and how it will matter in the coming years.


Joseph Lubin - The Basics of Blockchain and Etherum

Joseph Lubin is a founder at Consensus Systems (ConsenSys) and Ethereum, where he is preparing the next generation economy with decentralized applications.
During this opening talk, he puts in place the bases to understand what the blockchain is, how it works and what roadmap can be foreseen for that field.

Put on your smart cap and get to know in-depth what the decentralized future has to offer!

Want to see the slides? Watch it on Klewel!


Stephan Tual - Blockchain: it's about state

Stephan Tual, founder of Slock.it & Ursium, CCO of Ethereum, is working at revolutionizing the emerging Sharing Economy infrastructure.
In this second talk of the session, he takes us on a discovery tour of the type of applications that are already in place using the blockchain and what we can expect for the Internet of Things (IoT) in such a decentralized future.

From smart locks to charging stations, discover how the blockchain has been changing our world.


Primavera De Filippi - Blockchain Technology and the Future of Work

Primavera De Filippi, researcher at CNRS and faculty associate at the Berkman Center, Harvard Law School, is investigating emergent decentralized technologies to design new governance models.
In this final talk of the session, Primavera De Filippi explores the possibilities that live at the intersection between the blockchain and art, society and work, imagining what the future might look like when creative people use the full power of this technology.

Hold on to your hats and embark on a journey into the future!

Want to see the slides? Watch it on Klewel!


Find all pictures from this opening session on our Flickr page.

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