Dec 16, 2015

Joining forces with MassChallenge Switzerland, Lift is proud to announce that the MassChallenge Startup Summit will be hosted during the Lift16 conference on February 10, 2016.

For this exclusive event, a selection of the most exciting startups identified during the MassChallenge hosted in Boston, London and Israel will travel to Geneva to pitch their ideas. Alongside these international companies, 15 Swiss startups selected by Bilan from their "50 Swiss startups in which to invest" list will showcase their projects.

MassChallenge and Lift

Based in Boston with satellites in the UK and Israel, MassChallenge already raised $1.1 billion and has allowed the launch of 835 startups as well as the creation of 6,500 jobs. MassChallenge Switzerland is a Geneva-based startup accelerator with its own funding.

For the past years, Lift has supported the Swiss startup scene for many years through the Lift Venture Night and the Bilan 50 startup initiative, and is excited to be associated with such a great initiative.

The collaboration between MassChallenge Switzerland and Lift Conference is a natural evolution to support the European and Swiss startup scene. In January 2016, MassChallenge Switzerland and Lift will reveal the exciting program of the MassChallenge Startup Summit, the kick-off event taking place during Lift16. In particular, they will disclose the names of the Swiss startups selected by a Bilan Jury (composed of Pascal Allot, IBM regional manager, Jacques Essinger, CEO of Symetis, Laurent Farinelli, CEO of Fasteris, Jean-Luc Favre, CEO of ABB Sécheron, Pierre-Alain Graf former CEO de Swissgrid, Dominik Grolimund, serial entrepreneur, Veronica Lange, CTO of UBS, Raphaël Domjan, eco-adventurer and Abir Oreibi, CEO of Lift) to pitch their projects before an professional audience of investors and VCs.

Interested to attend? Register today and secure your tickets for this exclusive event. click here for more derails

Startups and Lift

Since 2013, Lift and Bilan collaborate on the launch of the annual project “50 Swiss startup in which to invest”. The goal of the project is to support investors in identifying startups to invest in across multiple sectors such as fintech, medtech, robotics and social entrepreneurship. Initially, a special edition of the Bilan magazine was launched on the first day of the Lift Conference and was supported by a dedicated event at Lift, including a panel of experts who would discuss the Swiss startup ecosystem.