Dec 9, 2015

At Lift, we believe that all people should play and tinker with technologies that will be influencing their present and future. One way of doing this is to discover innovative projects and meet inspiring people; to learn that everyone can take an active role in shaping the future and making innovation happen.

In 2012 we started designing special “Lift Youth” programs, such as the Minecraft Workshop taught by kids (see below), and continued each year to offer something for our youngest lifters.

Join us for free on Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 10, for two Lift on Site for Youth!


Lift Youth at Lift16 - Children: Build your own future!

In our technological world, it is important for the younger generations to master the various digital tools available and to develop into actors rather than just technological consumers. The goal of this workshop is to propose to children aged 6 to 11 a taste of how digital tools can be used to develop their creative thinking abilities. A wide set of activities ranging from 3D modeling, robotics to programming will be proposed in a “learning by doing” setting. No prior knowledge is required. Just come to discover, create, be amazed and learn with and by others!

Learn more about our Lift16 Lift on Site workshops here. This workshop is free to attend for kids and youngsters, registrations will start soon.


Lift Youth at Lift16 - Make your own Tetra Pak Camera!

Have you ever wanted to try analog photography, but don’t want to put money into an old fashioned camera? Ever wanted to print photos with your kids, but are afraid of all the nasty chemicals? Now’s your chance to try your hand at analog photography, using only an old Tetra-Pak milk container, coffee, and some vitamin C. You’ll make your own pinhole-camera, and develop photos with a non-toxic mix that’s available to anyone. Perfect for kids 6 and up, this workshop teaches resourcefulness, creativity, and most importantly, how photography really works.

Learn more about our Lift16 Lift on Site workshops here. This workshop is free to attend for kids and youngsters, registrations will start soon.


Memories from Lift Youth

Kids Minecraft Masterclass 

Minecraft is to video games what Lego is to toys. The creation and building aspects of the game enable players to build worlds out of textured 3D cubes in a randomly generated world. During Lift13, 9 year old Ethan and 11 year old Chris hosted a Minecraft Masterclass where they played live and both did a walkthrough of their created worlds.

Young Makers and Innovators 

At Lift we also encourage young people to develop their entrepreneurial skills and share their projects to inspire more kids. Through the past events we invited young makers and disruptors to discuss their innovative way of thinking.

Sean D. Goff the Hacker and Maker

During Lift14, Sean D. Goff, the 17 year old Swiss maker, presented his work on the main stage. He is a promising hacker and maker with incredible ideas such as his own version of bitcoin (Silicoin), a fireworks launcher and a drink mixer. He is a Honorary member and also the youngest member of the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society (SMAS).


Maximilian Janisch the young mathimatician 

Born in 2003, Maximilian started school at the age of 6 and joined university at age 11. The University of Zurich has set up a special project to support his mathematical education in the framework of Euler Society. He is the youngest university student of all time and he gives lectures online at Diplomero. Those unconventional experiences gave him the legitimacy to host a masterclass on the future of education at Lift15.


If you are young and creative or have kids, we highly encourage you to join #Lift16 and get inspired by the future generation of innovators! The Lift Youth programs on Wednesday afternoon are free to attend.

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