Nov 18, 2015

Each year, in the creative process of the conference, we collaborate with our friends at Bread and Butter who are responsible for the artistic direction of Lift16 in order to give the Lift poster its unique visual identity.

The creative process includes top-notch brainstorming and discussions over all of the ideas and feedback brought together by our geographically dispatched Lift team ;)

The final result is brilliant and we are very excited to share it with you!

Lift16 Poster

Traces and Op art, Under the Artistic Direction of Cristiana Boli from Bread and Butter

Lift 16 poster is inspired by optical joyfulness and movement of Op art, blended with the idea of traces, as an abstraction of our human activities. Using simple bold black strokes, we drew a vibrant composition of these traces, that plays with our eyes and creates visual circulation.

Identified shapes emerge from the apparent mess, similarly to intelligible information emerged from data chaos, now that algorithms, artificial intelligence and data mining compete for the understanding of our lives.

Lift16 poster wants, at its level, to convey the idea that our future will be more than ever intertwined with computational interpretation, our physical reality blurred with other realities like Op art disturbs our sensation of space and movement.