Call for Volunteers - Lift16

Alex Hantson, Oct. 1, 2015

Are you an inquisitive team player with a passion for innovation? Are you enthusiastic about making Lift16 a unique experience for participants, speakers and volunteers alike? Are you English-speaking, outgoing, hard-working, optimistic and reliable?

Join us on February 8 to 12, 2016, for an inspiring experience with international innovators.

Each year, young and energetic volunteers join the Lift team to help us deliver one of the best innovation conferences in Europe, gathering bright minds from all around the world, working in fields as diverse as interaction design, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship and investment, academia, data visualization and more.

Volunteering at Lift is challenging but very rewarding. You will get a great work experience, improve your skills in event organization and management, make professional connections and work along extraordinary people. You will also have access to the talks and workshops you are most interested in and get to meet the speakers giving them!

Check out below what previous volunteers have done at Lift and said about their experience, and apply today to join the team!


Initiatives by Lift volunteers - The Digital Cloakroom

“We wanted to do something different, out of the box, in the spirit of "Lift" where people could enjoy and connect with us. I wanted to bring the 21st century to the cloakroom, and what better way than to use twitter and connect with all attendees to let them know we love their jackets.

I figured people might find it fun to be issued a coat status - so I wrote about 20 different short statuses then invited other volunteers to add their own. The site worked so that whenever you reloaded, it would just pick at random one of the rows from the data. I then printed out QR codes to the site and advertised it around the conference room.



We found that many people really enjoyed the twitter account and well - how many cloakrooms have their own twitter accounts ? Also, we were able to use it to communicate when we had a few jackets left that people needed to collect before we closed the doors, we had some people ask if they could skip the line; because they re-tweeted us."

Dan Lemon - Lift Cloakroom on Twitter


Volunteers describe their Lift experience!

“Meeting people and seeing the latest development in digital life are the 2 best things about Lift” Sevket Öztas

“I’ve volunteered for Lift 4 times now and each time I do it feels a bit like going on vacation. The thing about Lift is that it’s an oasis of interesting ideas that’s miles away from the type of formal affair usually associated with the word “conference”. It’s a place where geeks are celebrated and technology is everywhere. The volunteers are always fantastic, as are the participants, and because of the fun atmosphere that the event creates you’ll have plenty of opportunities to mingle with both.” Jonathan Moy de Vitry


If you can relate to the above, then we would like to hear from you. If successful, you'll be joining a close-knit and committed team of returning volunteers - you may even make friends (and business contacts) interested in the same fields of innovation that you are passionate about! 

We expect our volunteers to deliver 5 days of professional work (training provided). In return, we offer a free pass to Lift16, an enlightening work environment, a participation certificate and contacts with some of the most inspiring people on the planet! Needless to say that our team enjoys enough free time to attend talks and workshops.

We look forward to reading from you - apply today!