Start-up call now open!

Marie Mayoly, Oct. 1, 2014

Is your start-up a success story? Share it with Lift's international community of CEOs, entrepreneurs, designers and academics; submit your project to our panel.

Lift, Alp ICT, CTI start-up, SGE and the Geneva Promotion Economique have teamed up again to promote Swiss entrepreneurship at Lift with the Alp ICT Venture Night.

This event has become one of the startup highlights of the Lift conference attracting over 600 participants and numerous journalists.

Special Call to Women Entrepreneurs!

Lift is known to be one of the unique conference that puts real efforts in putting women on stage so this year we decided to put the same effort for the Alpict Venture Night; Women Entrepreneurs come forward with your project! We would love to give you Lift stage to present yourself and your business. 

While we put an accent on women, all startups from all Switzerland active in the ICT industry are invited to apply. You will receive professional coaching sessions to help you prepare the best presentation and delivery.

Submit your project until Nov 28. Good luck!