Misfits Subcultures and innovation on the fringe

Sylvie Reinhard, Mar. 4, 2014

We just published the video of Alexa Clay’s talk at Lift14, where she explored the Misfit economy – and what we can all learn from Hermits, Gangsters, and Occupiers. Indeed as innovation often happens on the fringe of society first, thinking about how we can foster greater collaboration and understanding between society and its misfit subcultures seems very relevant.

So what can we learn about corporate governance from occupiers? What can entrepreneurs learn from hermits? What can the pharmaceutical industry learn from its patent robbers?

What Alexa has been up to since Lift14

Besides probably writing feverishly with her co-author Kyra Maya Phillips the “Misfit Economy” book to be published later this year, Alexa mentioned the following projects:

  • The Amish Futurist: Alexa is passionate about leveraging ideas from performance studies and exploring ideas of identity innovation. That's what she explored also in her Lift workshop called “Prototyping the Self - A Lean Start-up Approach to Identity”, which she co-hosted with the “ladytourage”. In the same spirit Alexa performs research with an alter ego called “Amish Futurist”. To learn more about this refreshing enthnographical exploration of our relationship with technology and change check-out her article about "Tech Nostalgia" published on Fastcoexist
  • For all the misfits among you working in big institutions, Alexa is also involved in the Intrapreneur toolkit.
  • And finally Wisdom Hackers is Alexa's latest program, if you are interested to know more about it or  to get involved, you should contact them on Twitter.

While wondering when Alexa sleeps doing all these cool projects, we wish you a wonderful day;)