Feb 1, 2014

This year Lift Conference launches an experimental online Newsroom, paired with a physical one. Here is the vision behind it, powered by Gayané Adourian (Agence Ondine), Yann Heurtaux (Medialab Session), seasoned Lift Social Media Manager Eva Sander from Mexico, and their Newsroom team.

Why this live newsroom?

  • To keep track of what we experience and learn together during the event, and keep up the discussion a while after the event.
  • To strengthen ties within our fantastic community. Because the community is what makes Lift what it is.
  • To share knowledge that matters in an open and participative way. Remember, Lift is about making innovation happen. Thus we all need to learn, then do!

Physical attendees are not the only Lifters: if you cannot make it to Geneva, we will keep you onboard. Last but not least: next year Lift celebrates its 10th anniversary. You bet we want to warm-up for that coverage!

Real-time documentation 

Here is what content will probably be part of the conversations:

  • Lift content: speakers’ talks, behind-the-scene and Lifters’ stories, workshop outcomes, kick-ass startup projects...
  • Your content: everything you share while experiencing the event, including your conversations with your communities
  • We are talking pictures, videos, audio recordings, sketchings, micro-blogging, typographic quotes and of course Storify pieces.

Meet the team

Who will do all this live newsroom buzzing?

  •  A team of supersonic content producers, to lead the way and nurture the conversation within and around the event: meet the #lift14 Newsroom team on twitter. It will support the 70+ journalists and bloggers at Lift to cover the event - and do its best to provide fresh angles for meaningful stories.
  • And yes, we are delighted to have at least two terrific #GlassHoles in the team, and even robots!
  • A bunch of great Lifters ready to share and engage using #lift14: that’s you.

How to play with the live newsroom?

During the event, Lift's homepage will turn into a live social dashboard. And here are the main channels where #lift14 will be on fire:

For those aiming for the big picture or the 2nd and 3rd screens, here are the channels where we will do our best to apply careful curation:

We also hope to find the time to experiment with other storytelling approaches on these channels:


Isn’t a “Newsroom” meant to be an actual venue?

Yes there will be one, open to all Lift press pass holders. Please ask the info desk on-site for directions! In the newsroom you can meet the Lift communication team not live-covering the event from the front row, find a space to work quietly and feed your various devices with electricity.

In the Newsroom we will also host a 15-minute daily briefing, informing everyone about the daily focusses of the newsroom team. Tune in on Wednesday Feb. 5 at 13:30, Thursday Feb. 6 and Friday Feb. 7 at 07:45For more info about the live newsroom at Lift please contact press@liftconference.com, or drop Eva, Gayané or Yann a tweet.

See you soon, we can't wait to get #lift14 trending together!