Lift14 Session: New Family Businesses - Translating Traditions

Sylvie Reinhard, Jan. 20, 2014

Do what you love! Life is about the people you meet! Working on what you really care for, that’s the central creed of many a manifesto. But what about working with your loved ones? The people you don’t just meet, but your parents, kids, siblings, your spouse? 

The separation of business life and family life is a pretty new invention, and one having a tremendous impact on the way we perceive and conduct business, on gender roles and individual perspectives on the future, too. And as more and more lines of work allow working from home, and as work claims more and more time, the lines between family and business are being blurred, giving a new rise to family businesses.

At Lift14 let's explore this fascinating topic with three fantastic speakers, namely:

At the intersection of technology-induced megatrends 

Family businesses these days can be highly distributed, highly dynamic - and really huge: Samsung is family-led, as is Walmart, Foxconn, Tata or, in Switzerland, Tamedia. And they are at the intersection of technology-induced megatrends in very special ways: living longer, having fewer children, globalization, individualization, pressure for faster and faster innovations cycles all have a direct impact on family businesses both new and old.

With a unique set of global perspectives this Lift14 session, taking place on Friday Feb. 7th afternoon, will tackle a range of crucial questions of broad relevance: What does it mean to run a family business today? What changes when you don’t plan for the next quarter, but for the next generation? What’s the impact of new technologies? How to raise a next generation of leaders ready for a world full of change? And how do you radically innovate - with your dad looking over your shoulder?