Call for Speakers "The Sharing Economy Backlash"

Sylvie Reinhard, Dec. 18, 2013

For Lift14, taking place February 5-7 2014 in Geneva, we're still looking for speakers representing big players in the sharing economy, facing a backlash from incumbents and regulators - people who can share what strategies and tactics can work to overcome such barriers (and yeah, all of Airbnb are having their big on-site get-together during Lift…).

Here is a more complete session description:

The Sharing Economy Backlash

Houses, cars, wifi or music: we share, rent and borrow it all: the new status symbol isn’t what you own - it’s what you’re smart enough not to own. During a financial crisis, cheap and easy access trumps burdensome ownership for sure. Patterns of collaborative consumption made simple and scalable by technology can now be spotted everywhere, and the companies that enable this fast, efficient allocation of resources previously underutilized are doing well indeed. Increasingly though, there’s a backlash: incumbents are awaking and regulators take a closer look while we all try to get used to new modes of ownership and control.

If you have someone in mind who would be a great fit, don't miss this opportunity and get in touch - thanks!