Maker of the World's First In-Vitro Burger to speak at Lift14

Sylvie Reinhard, Aug. 27, 2013

We are delighted to confirm that Professor Mark Post, the man behind the first in-vitro burger presented in London in August, will speak at Lift14!

Mark Post is a medical doctor who currently holds the chair of the Physiology Department at Maastricht University. He first got involved in a Dutch government-funded programme investigating “in vitro meat” in 2008. The programme had been initiated by Wilem van Eelen, an 86-year-old entrepreneur who held a long-time fascination for the possibility of culturing meat.

The possibility of cultured beef has been fascinating scientists for decades now, as mass-producted in-vitro meat would have a huge societal impact, addressing global hunger and climate change. The cost of making this first lab-grown burger was financed by Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Check-out this video to learn more about the reasons why Brin funded ths project:

And grab your ticket for Lift14 before it's too late - the early bird tickets will end on September 22!