Lift13 Wrap-up

Sylvie Reinhard, Feb. 12, 2013

Dear Lifters!

Thank you all for the great vibes and inspiring conversations at Lift last week. It was a fabulous adventure for us and we hope you had an uplifting, valuable and fun experience, too!

There is always quite some magic at work for us in preparing these conferences. No matter how much we shape the program and anticipate the interactions and "cross-pollinations", the way it all comes together and finally plays out on site is always surprising! But what constantly keeps amazing us, from edition to edition, is how cool, relaxed, constructive and positive the audience is. It's the best environment you could ever wish for and our team agrees unanimously that to provide the platform for this to happen is worth every minute of work, every minute of not sleeping :) 

We quickly wanted to share the wrap-up of the conference we presented at the end of Lift13. 

Lift13 in 43 words

During the conference Nicolas distilled 43 words to describe Lift13. It might be helpful to get the explanation from the livestream for context. (The wrap-up starts at about 01:08 in the file).


weaponized gamification

fox/hedghog matrix


computer-mediated games


(malian) cyborg aesthetic

mp3 market

guerilla ethnomusicology




delphi pool

the twitter version of your talk

vibrator hacks

unpleasant design


cognitive dissonance

artisan economy

brain-shaped technology

the return of the "robot concierge"


Lift13: From "How" to "What"

In the second part of the wrap-up Hannes described perfectly what we all felt: That this year's Lift Conference did leave us with one impression: We are humbled. 

We've been talking about a lot of "hows" this time:
  • We talked about "agile", and talked about global brands and hundred thousand people corporations.

  • We talked about "crowdsourced", and talked about national constitutions.

  • We talked about "makers", and talked about billion dollar businesses. 

You see the pattern: we talked about "new" mindsets that have indeed arrived, that have penetrated societies and companies alike. "We" are taking power.
This should leave us with the next question, humbled, and thinking about the "whats" now: 
  • If we have billion dollar maker businesses, what will they make?

  • If we have a hundred thousand Indian Agilistas, what will they build?

  • If we can crowdsource a constitution, what will we write?

In this transition from the "hows" to the "whats" what can help us is, we think, best said in Bruce Sterling's words: 


And a humble spirit of engaged inquiry.

Thank you all.