"Ethical Erotica" producer Garion Hall speaking at Lift13

Aurelia Weber, Jan. 23, 2013

Please meet the third speaker of the "Innovation Drivers XXX" session: Garion Hall is CEO of abbywinters.coma premium and successful adult pay site, with tens-of-thousands of paying members. They employ a staff of 22 talented experts in their Amsterdam office. The pay-site launched in 2000 and is still going strong (despite the Australian government causing them to move continents in 2010!).

A strong team of experienced managers lead the staff of 22, and use robust systems to produce consistent works of a high quality and low cost, while empowering individual staff to excel and enjoy their work.

Motivated by principles of social responsibility, we deliver provocative media by embracing imagination, creativity and emerging technologies. Our models, customers and business partners are inspired by our fervid passion. We change the game!

Garion Hall is the CEO of abbywinters.com, primarily working in the business as the “Product Owner”, leading the agile software development team in various projects. Casual, relaxed but packing some contentious views of the adult industry, Garion enjoys talking about effecting social change, corporate responsibility, and systemising workflows in the adult industry.

Garion has lead the team to develop a world-class billing service, a rock-solid Content Management System, and a company that delivers solid profits for 12 consecutive years.  The CMS is provided via SAAS to other adult sites, and the billing system has a bevy of scrappy clients. The company recruits and shoots models in Amsterdam, and is regularly adding new CMS features to heighten user-engagement.


Come and meet Garion at Lift13, grab your ticket now before prices go up!