Lift13 Participant Profile: Novella Bellonia, Community Manager

Aurelia Weber, Oct. 24, 2012
Who are you?

My studies in sociology led me to intern positions with the Swiss Government and Swiss Railway. But as time went by, I started thinking about what I would really enjoy doing. The web used to take a lot of my personal time so I decided to give it a shot. I quit and embarked on a webdesign certificate. Then something truly life changing happened: Lift10. It made me realise that I was part of a community and found my vocation: community manager. When I was interviewed to become a community manager, they even asked me about Lift Conference! These days I don't have much personal time to spend on Twitter and other social media platforms but I guess shoemaker's children always go barefoot!  But everything is as it should be and I am proud to return to Lift every year as a volunteer - I take vacation to be there! See you all in February!

Why do you come to Lift?

To get inspired, to connect with people that are as interested as me in new technology and what civil society can get from it... and yes, I admit it: I also come to Lift for the Fondue and the closing party.

Recommendations to get the most out of the Lift experience?

Register for workshops as soon as registration opens. Don't be shy about talking to the person next to you - that's how you'll get the real Lift experience. If you're lost or need some help, ask volunteers at the information desk; we're always happy to help you get the most out of Lift.


Get in touch with Novella via Linkedin or Twitter (@NovellaBellonia)