Lift13 Participant Profile: Olivier Crochat, CEO at Fibrelac

Magaly Mathys, Oct. 9, 2012
Who are you ?

Active in telecommunications and new technologies for quite a few years now. I have been involved in many projects and start-ups, from launching a country-wide telecom operator to biometric facial recognition.

Since 2007, I am heading a small telecom operator, providing fibre optics backbone capacity to (mainly) other operators in Switzerland.

Why do you come to Lift?

Lift is inspiring, offering 2 days "out of the office". Each year, I enjoy taking this time to listen to presentations, to comment and discuss those with interesting people (both participants and speakers), to think out of the box ... and, of course, to meet with the community, people I know from around the world and that you do not see "face to face" otherwise.

Your recommendations to get the most out of the Lift experience?

Go to workshops: they are always fascinating, and you will learn to know interesting people (that's where you have most of interactivity between participants).

Don't feel shy to discuss with speakers: they are really cool and enjoy discussing further details of what they presented.

Visit the exhibition: cool art and design projects (and perfect place to start a discussion with "strangers").

... and, of course, attend the legendary Fondue evening !