New lift13 speaker: meet Justin Pickard

Magaly Mathys, Sep. 11, 2012

Following Justin's intriguing Lift12 workshop contribution, we decided to invite him back to Lift13. In the noise and pollution session, Justin will offer us an insight into the advent of "crapjects", or how 3D printing and spam may intersect and lead to unexpected consequences.


Justin Pickard is a writer, researcher, and gonzo futurist. He recently authored the acclaimed and widely debated A Gonzo Futurist Manifesto and currently studies for a PhD at the STEPS Centre : a University of Sussex global research and policy engagement centre bringing together development studies and science & technology studies. His research work focuses on the lived experience of climate-linked uncertainty, resilience, and adaptive capacity in urban India. He is also an associate at multidisciplinary design company Superflux in London, where he keeps a close eye on the intersection of new technologies and everyday life.