New Lift13 Speaker: Heather Kelley

Magaly Mathys, Aug. 21, 2012

Heather Kelley is a media artist and video game designer. Named by Fast Company magazine as one of "2011's most influential women in technology".

Heather’s extensive career in the games industry has included design and production of blockbuster next-gen console games, interactive smart toys, handheld games, research games, and web communities for girls. She's also the founder of Perfect Plum, a consultancy designing and building, among other things, the world's most creative and intuitive personal pleasure software for women. In 2012 Heather also co-curated the well-received "Joue Le Jeu" exhibition at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris and the Star Wars Identities exhibition in Montreal.

At Lift13 Heather will talk in the session "XXX" and share her experience designing very personal sensual devices. What mental models, what design principles can be applied for sensuality and pleasure, alone or perhaps together, for high-end technology that's not getting in the way?