Going Agile with Daniel Freitag

Magaly Mathys, Jul. 19, 2012


One of Lift13's «learn today, apply tomorrow» sessions is going to discuss the agile enterprise - the application of learnings from lean manufacturing and agile software development to all aspects of business, in all sorts of companies.


An extraordinary example illustrating the way to great adaptability is a maker of fashionable bags: FREITAG. FREITAG is manufacturing 300'000 unique bags a year, using recycled truck tarps, with minimal waste, maximal style a and constantly changing model line, sold in own stores from New York to Tokyo.


Lift13 speaker Daniel Freitag, who founded the company together with his brother Markus in 1993 will tell us about his journey to reorganize all of the company for one goal: maximal agility. For the first time Daniel will speak publicly about how Freitag is leveraging the Scrum framework for individual teams and the entire enterprise, how they're going far beyond flexible budgeting in order to build a manufacturing company fit for the challenges of the next decades, all in a custom-built space in Z├╝rich Oerlikon.