Feb. 6-8 2013 – CICG, Geneva, Switzerland

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Hold a workshop

At Lift, a big part of the program is managed by the community. In addition to the main sessions, Lift participants can suggest themselves as workshop leaders to deep dive and tackle topics with fellow participants. You submit workshop proposals, we review them based on quality and interactivty. The final selection then features in the official program. Workshop submissions for Lift13 are now closed. Thank you for your submissions.

Join the team - volunteer!

Lift Conference would not be possible without the help of our dedicated team of volunteers. Every year, we welcome applications from a diverse range of people who are passionate about innovation and enthusiastic about giving time to Lift Conference. In return, we offer a free pass to the conference, an enlightening work environment, and contacts with some of the most inspiring people on the planet!

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Showcase your work - join the Lift Experience

Besides inspiring talks and workshops, one of Lift Conference's special treats is the Lift Experience. Think of a big space where digital media artists and interaction designers are invited to display pieces that address the conference topics in a different way. The space is designed to foster interaction and inspire participants by stimulating dialogue. If you have a project you feel deserves a place in the Lift Experience, drop us a line at info@liftconference.com.

Cover the Conference

We keep a number of press passes for journalists and bloggers.  Journalists are eligible for a media pass if they contribute regularly to an established media outlet and cover social and technological topics. In order to accomodate a maximum number of requests we limit the number of passes to one per publication. Freelancers requesting credentials must provide a letter of assignment from a qualifying editor or publication.

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Tell us how Lift changed your life

Did you start your company or have an idea that changed your life at Lift? Please tell us what happened! Lift's impact happens over the years, and we love to hear your stories, they motivate us to the highest point! Email us at info@liftconference.com

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