Basic science: an essential ingredient for innovation, but what else?

Fri, Feb. 04 2011 - 09:00

Workshop developed and facilitated jointly with Erik VAN DER BIJ of CERN.
Albert IJSPEERT contributed with a demo and background info of one of the examples.

Basic science and research is feedstock for innovation, but not all outcomes of it (knowledge and objects) make it to the public at large. How come? What other ingredients are necessary? Your creativity!

While generating fundamental knowledge about particles, CERN has created new knowledge and technologies. This workshop demonstrates some examples of inventions from CERN that have been a success in the world at large. Yet, there are examples of new things that are still in the lab. How could these be used in innovative products? We need your brains to bridge the gap and make them into marketable products.

As an example we will show a simple effective mechanical device that is looking to be incorporated into an innovative product. Let's brainstorm and see what happens!

We will also take a broader look: how can knowledge and technologies from publicly funded basic research get a chance to lead to innovation?

Attached are the workshop slides with flipover notes added.