The Alp ICT cluster and a group of organizations promoting Swiss entrepreneurship have teamed up with Lift to facilitate access to the 2011 edition of the conference for startups based in Western Switzerland. Here are the companies you will be able to meet at Lift11:

 Atracsys LLC is an independent privately held company founded in 2004 to exploit over ten years of research in minimally invasive surgery and optical tracking at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland. We design, manufacture and market the highest precision devices for researchers working on leading-edge 3D optical tracking in medical research, education and industry. is a smartphone application that makes it easy to buy and sell things from your mobile phone. With you can view, post and share local classifieds, anywhere you go, any time of the day. In one click you can see what’s around you and get the best deals on what you need, when you need it. free mobile classifieds offer sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, items for sale, services and more.

L'Avenue Digital Media Sàrl (ADM) est spécialisée dans la création numérique et les technologies de la représentation visuelle.

 NEXThink develops and commercializes innovative and easy to implement software solutions which enables IT teams to manage their standard and virtual desktop infrastructures at an unprecedented level of speed and simplicity. With NEXThink products companies can control their IT budgets and deliver a secure and high-quality working environment to their end-users. Today, in more than 1000 locations in Europe and Middle East, over half-million desktops in above 80 public and private sector companies are continuously optimized with NEXThink solutions.

 nViso empowers marketers with actionable insights from objectively measuring the emotional reactions of consumers towards their brands and products.

 ShopAlive provides the world’s first turnkey service platform for e-commerce, e-marketing,m-marketing, secure geo-based inventory management, customer and transaction management using panoramic and/or 3D interface and leveraging popular realtime social media on personal computers, tablets and mobile devices.

 Voice on a Cloud is the social phone platform that takes advantage of the best of the web 2.0. Aggregating your multiple online identities, VoC is connecting you to your audience by acting as the famed missing link between telephony and web. With Voice on a cloud, you log on, call any user for free, post facebook voicemail, or tweet a conference call that's just happenning.

 Committed to transforming books and other digital resources into a lively media-rich learning content. Through the development of software platforms (web, tablets, desktop) and services we empower authors and publishers to deliver an integrated interactive experience to their audience. We take care of the technology enabling our customers to focus on their core activity: creating great learning content.