How Intelligent is your Company ? Tap into The Invisible Web for Competitive Intelligence

Thu, May. 06 2010 - 09:00

When 70% of the Web is hidden from search engines, how can you tap into strategic data ?

In this highly interactive workshop, you will be invited to tap into the Invisible Web to find pools of information that will help you anticipate competitor’s moves, detect emerging technologies or trends and their applications weeks before any public announcement.

Bring your laptops ! After a brief introduction, we will warm up and have a high energy exercise to discover tools and sources of information: we’ll access together highly structured and rich data about markets and companies, we’ll obtain financial information, analysts’ reports. In a competitive exercise, we’ll target people profiles, dissect their decision making patterns, and peek into their personal interests.

In teams, you’ll be able to track strategies, future product introduction and networks developed ( in private and public companies) for each other’s company. We’ll even try to find client and suppliers’ lists when possible.

We will test the relevance of blogs and social media to Competitive Intelligence, and in particular, to understand how to obtain information about consumer perception and feedback, future technology trends, unveil CEO’s personal blogs.

Finally, we’ll end this intense and breath-taking workshop with an activity to explore of the best sites and resources available to pinpoint key trends likely to have an impact on your environment and with tools that map out weak and strong signals in your industry.