Coworking space, home, traditional workspace; where will you work tomorrow?

Wed, Feb. 25 2009 - 13:45

Are you looking for a better place to work? A professional environment, more flexible, with opportunities to interact with others?

Are you a member of a COWORKING space?
Or are you still hanging around between your HOME and COFFEE SHOPS?
Or are you located in a traditional WORKSPACE or a SERVICED OFFICE?

This workshop is about sharing and learning from your experience; it's about understanding and discussing the alternative workspaces for hosting freelancers, mobile workers, entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Are these alternative workspaces transient or are they sustainable?
Are they fringing or announcing a business shift?
What are the risks and opportunities ?

Stephanie Booth, founder of L'ECLAU - the first coworking space in Lausanne (CH), will share her experiences.

We invite you to come and speak up whether you are a founder, manager, investor or user. So please contact Pierre in order to better prepare this workshop.