Jaewoong Lee

Retired Entrepreneur

Jaewoong Lee is retired entrepreneur spending time as part-time partner at "sopoong" which is a social venture incubating company focusing on social ventures. He is also founder of Daum Communications Corp. which is one of the leading Internet portal service company in Asia. He also has served as CEO of Lycos Inc., which was acquired by Daum in 2004 and also served as CEO of Daum for 12 years since he founded the company in 1995. He also founded and served as CEO of Daum Foundation which is a non-profit focusing on solving media divide problems. He is an entrepreneur interested in social ventures and internet/media industry and he has served as board member of various internet/media companies and non-profits. Jaewoong holds B.S. and M.S. degree in Computer Science from Yonsei University. He is also one of Young Global Leader from World Economic Forum.