Memory Feed: Reclaiming a Sense of Place through Mobile Augmented Reality

Wed, Jul. 06 2011 - 14:30

With Mobile technologies, Augmented Reality (AR) entered a whole new phase. Mobile AR promises to enable in-situ activities and kinds of communications that allow people to solicit memories of places. Nevertheless, a series of mobile apps that simply overlay bubble icons on the camera viewfinder rather limit our imagination for what we could do with this (possibly) innovative, necessary, and if not useful channel of communication.

The workshop starts by recalling places of importance to participants who will then brainstorm about the memory of that place, when it is reenacted, how can it be (re)invented, mixed, and shared. As an outcome of the discussions, participants will organize the content of the Memory Feed. Finally they will develop scenarios of mobile AR applications for reclaiming a sense of place.

Please bring your laptop, mobile device, or camera...!

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Outline of Workshop:
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The cellophane project:
Mitchell Schwarzer, “A Sense of Place, A World of Augmented Reality”, post in the Design Observer Group blog, June 8, 2010, part 1 and part 2: and

+ Organizers:
Dr. Jie-Eun Hwang, co-organizer
Assistant Professor at the University of Seoul, Department of Architecture
Email: jhwang [at] uos [dot] ac [dot] kr
Twitter: @JieEun

Dr. Yasmine Abbas, co-organizer
Neo-nomad Researcher
Email: yaz [at] alum [dot] mit [dot] edu
Twitter: @panurban