Big Bang Workshop: Hack a Social Entrepreneur & shake the world in a morning

Wed, Jul. 06 2011 - 14:30

MakeSense is an Open Projects which source the Business, technology and design challenges of Social Entrepreneurs. After sourcing those challenges all around the world we organize business, technology or design workshops for you to try to solve those challenges in a funky manner. Get ready for the Big Bang MakeSense Workshop to shake the world for good.

We propose you to work on the challenge of a Social Entrepreneur at the intersection of Business, Technology and Design that can be solve on two or four hours ( depending on the slot available ) so that all the different type of participants can participate.

As Ushaidi is coming we were thinking about doing a workshop around the challenges of Shabnam Aggarwal ( but that can be discussed ) working on a new project ( hobnob ) to engage students thanks to Mobile technologies & currently developing a new project around textos and education.
Here's is one of the previous project Shabnam has worked on :

The Challenge for the Big Bang Workshop : Launch a lift version of HobNob and give access to education to lift participants :)