Paul Wicks

Director of R&D at PatientsLikeMe

Paul Wicks, PhD. is director of R&D at PatientsLikeMe, a healthcare company that builds online communities for patients with life-changing illnesses. Recognized as the 2nd most innovative healthcare company in the world by Fast Company, the site empowers patients to share their health data in order to improve their outcomes and be a catalyst for research. Paul leads an award-winning team of PhDs from a range of backgrounds including predictive modeling, genetics, sociology, and natural language processing. He is responsible for the scientific and medical architecture of PatientsLikeMe's online communities including ALS, MS, HIV, fibromyalgia, organ transplants and epilepsy. Paul and his team conduct scientific research that generates insights about the personal health data shared by patient members. Since 2006 his team has published research including an innovative patient-lead trial of lithium in ALS, the development of novel patient-reported outcomes, and establishing the benefits of sharing health data online. The R&D team also provides bespoke professional services to commercial clients and academic collaborators to help improve products and services available to patients. Prior to joining PatientsLikeMe, Paul studied cognition in rare forms of ALS, and emotional changes in Parkinson’s disease at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London.