July 5-7, 2010   |   Marseille, France

In 2010 Lift France with Fing gathered 560 participants and explored how the technologies and concepts of the web are changing the real world today and in the future. For the last 20 years, networked technologies have redistributed the power of imagining, evaluating, and acting. But this change extends far beyond the digital. It transforms manufacturing, learning, cities, public policy, perhaps even our own minds… Themed “dot.real” Lift France with Fing 2010 explored how the real world is being “webified”.

Selected hot topics

Meet some of the speakers

  • Senior lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Bath
  • Founder, Superflux
  • Filmmaker and anthropologist, Think Public
  • Freelance journalist, The Guardian
  • Adviser to the Prime Minister Public Information Infrastructure & Innovations, Indian Government


Cabinet des Curiosités

The "Cabinet de Curiosités Numériques" is a project by nod-A, a collective that detecs and conceives creative ways to use leading-edge technologies.


This space of Lift Experience is dedicated to tinkering with objects and data. FabLive offers participants the opportunity to experience hands-on some fablabs projects.

Media lab

This space is dedicated to media experience of all kinds. It will feature various interviews and recording opportunities for participants to give their feedback, present their projects and record a message to the Lift community. o2zone.tv offers the participants the opportunity to produce a little TV show on their own.

The Hub - Get connected!

The Hub hosts performances, webcam hacking projects, sound designs, social entrepreneurship presentations, a video guestbook, and installation where participants are invited to double their favorite scenes from legendary science fiction movies!

Show Box

Show Box is a little demo stage, in the middle of the Hub - the space dedicated to connections and interactions of all kinds. The little stage is part of the "Open Program" and will feature presentation of Lifters during their breaks, presenting their projets.