Business Schools 2.0: What Future?

Thu, Jun. 18 2009 - 16:30

The Web has been around for more than 15 years.
The Web 2.0 is a community-based & interactive platform. Social media have spread, based on information sharing and collaborative attitudes.

Expertises are now shared and not owned.
Diversity is now standard.
Complexity is the new norm.
Each and everyone request personalization.
Globalization meets localization.

The teaching community has built impressive websites – including videos, using pictures, building online courses, and developing e-learning methods…
The teaching community is still very much Learning 1.0 based: how can we move to Learning 2.0?

Who owns knowledge? Who builds knowledge? Researchers and/or citizens?
How responsible and ethical should a graduate be?
Is it time to re-train Business Schools?
Have Business Schools contributed to the financial crisis?
Are not Universities & Business Schools labs for social media?

If (business) education needs to be reinvented, then we need people with diverse backgrounds - engineers, designers, business-ers, thinkers & doers - to attend this Workshop!
We wish to share an open-minded discussion – out of the deconstruction of the present Business School model should rise the future Business School…

Every week we will post a new note on the Lift Conference Blog, introducing ideas, debating a topic… before we all come together on June 18th during the Workshop.