Panel: Sustainable Models for Health Data in Switzerland

Thu, Nov. 06 2014 - 16:00 to 17:30
Room F
  • Laying the Foundation for a Sustainable Health Data Cooperative
  • Building Healthbank, a Citizen-Owned Health Data Platform

Panel Description: We still have no secure and sustainable solution for health data in Switzerland - and in this panel we're going to find out why that's the case, what is being done about it, and how we will store, share and manage our health data in five and in ten years. On the panel we'll discuss with leading innovators about the future of participatory health data in Switzerland: Is all the data going to be in the clouds operated by Silicon Valley giants, Apple, Google, an so on? How is regulation going to move forward, and what specifically Swiss solutions are being built as we speak? Plus: what, after all, is the citizens' role going to be in all of this?