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Lift, the leading conference on digital innovation, launches new edition in Basel November 6-7 2014

“Connecting Innovators in Life Sciences and Information Technologies”

In two weeks a new yearly Lift Conference will be launched: Lift Basel, to be held the first time on November 6-7, will focus on the transformation- and innovation opportunities of digital technologies in Life Sciences.

The world of digital technology and healthcare are merging, everything is becoming data, and software is eating the world: whatever is not yet touched by algorithms, data analysis or robotics will be soon, and will change fundamentally in the process.

Not only for researchers, but also for consumers the world is changing rapidly. As innovation cycles are becoming shorter and shorter in bioengineering, hardware manufacturing and software engineering, too, the step from clever apps to new or augmented senses seems shorter than many think.

Finding our way in this world requires interdisciplinary collaboration, true human-centered design and access to creativity, along with scientific progress and the negotiation of society’s values.

Lift Basel is the place to discuss these matters in depth, the place to meet other innovators and to accelerate meaningful change. This new conference - as do all Lift events in Geneva, Seoul, Marseille and Shanghai - is focused on just one thing: making innovation happen.

Hot Topics

At Lift Basel five inspiring and controversial sessions will explore the transformation- and innovation opportunities of digital technologies in Life Sciences:

  • Big Data and Beyond: How data affluence and data literacy shape the ways we do both science and business.
  • The Man-Machine Interface: Will the near future bring direct brain-computer connections, what happens when biology and digital technology come together in our bodies?
  • Shaping Healthy Habits: What can new apps, games and gadgets really do for healthy behavior in the long term, for patient engagement and disease prevention?
  • Future Business Models: Who’s going to pay all of this? What future markets and models for health can we see already, what are viable solutions for business, basic research and, in the end, society?
  • Collaboration: Faster, Broader, and More Open: why interdisciplinarity is key, what we can learn form biohackers, and how new ways of collaboration dramatically accelerate innovation. 

Speakers Pushing the Envelope

The first edition of Lift Basel presents a selection of renowned international speakers, driving innovation at the intersection of Life Sciences and Information Technologies at the very forefront:

  • Bill Liao, serial entrepreneur, investor and mentor at Indie.Bio, the first accelerator worldwide using biology to solve fundamental human problems.
  • Oscar Jasklowski, core team member at Praised by Bill Gates, this crowdfunding platform helps funding the next wave of scientific research.
  • Thomas Landrain, co-founder of La Paillasse in Paris, one of the world's largest Do-it-yourself Biology labs, convinced that the 21st century will be the century of biotechnologies.
  • Sévérine Rion Logean, Head Life & Health R&D Europe at Swiss Re, preparing the insurance industry for the future of healthcare.
  • Chas Bountra, professor of Translational Medicine at the University of Oxford and Chief Scientist at the Structural Genomic Consortium, Oxford, leading the way in fostering innovation through open access research and public-private partnerships.
  • Mike LaVigne, co-founder of Clue, building the future of family planning with the number one female cycle tracking app in the US.

To learn more about all confirmed speakers and the open program with its breakouts curated by the community, please visit our website.

About Lift Conference

Lift is one of Europe’s leading technology and innovation platforms, exploring the business and social implications of digital technologies in international events taking place in Geneva, Marseille, Seoul and Shanghai. Its unique format allows for a rich experience where participants mingle in a dynamic and informal environment. Together, they share, connect and create new opportunities. Lift is about discovering new trends and transforming them into opportunities. It is a memorable event packed with inspirational talks, interactive workshops and fun networking activities.

To attend the conference please request your press pass. We will gladly help you setting up interviews with the speakers - contact us!

We look forward to welcoming you at this first edition of Lift Basel very soon.

Best regards,

Sylvie Reinhard, for the Lift

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Venue: Markthalle, Viaduktstrasse 10, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

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