Minsuk Cho

New Generation Architect, Founder of Mass Studies

Mass Studies was founded in 2003 by Minsuk Cho in Seoul, Korea, as a critical investigation of architecture in the context of mass production, intensely over-populated urban conditions, and other emergent cultural niches that define contemporary society. Amid the many frictions defining spatial conditions in the twenty-first century, namely past vs. future, local vs. global, utopia vs. reality, and individual vs. collective, Mass Studies focuses on the operative complexity of these multiple conditions instead of striving for a singular, unified perspective. For each architectural project, which exist across a wide range of scales, Mass Studies explores issues such as spatial systems/matrixes, building materials/techniques, and typological divergences to foster a vision that allows the discovery of new socio/cultural potential.

Minsuk Cho was born in Seoul and graduated from the Architectural Engineering Department of Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea) and the Graduate School of Architecture at Columbia University (New York, NY U.S.A.). He began his professional career working for Kolatan/MacDonald Studio, and Polshek and Partners, both in New York City, and later relocated to the Netherlands to join OMA. Through these jobs, he gained experience in a wide range of architectural and urban projects implemented in various locations. In 1998, with partner James Slade, he established Cho Slade Architecture in New York City to be engaged in various projects both in the U.S.A and Korea. In 2003, he returned to Korea to start his own firm, Mass Studies.

Website: http://www.massstudies.com/