Laboratoires des Nouvelles Lectures

For Salon International du Livre et de la Presse de Genève
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Le Laboratoire des Nouvelles Lectures (LNL) - is a project centered around the future of reading.

It is an open platform (in french) designed to inspire and incubate new forms of reading experiences based on technologies. The LNL is an initiative of the Salon du Livre et de la Presse de Geneve (the Geneva Book Fair), and is produced by LIFT, Edipresse and

It's main components are:
1. A workbench: Editors, publishers, distributors, and bookshops use this platform to collect feedback on their innovative services, products and prototypes from the LNL community.

2. A contest: Community members can submit innovative projects to win a prize of 5,000CHF. The best projects will be prototyped by a team of experts.

3. A blog: Experts in the field of digital reading share their thoughts and analyses.

4. A conference and a day of training: Organised during Le Salon du Livre et de la Presse the 30th of April and the 2nd of May where we'll discuss, in true Lift style, the future of digital publishing, reading and books.

Join the LNL community and test for yourself the newest creations, propose your ideas and invent the future of reading with us.

Meet LNL during The Geneva International Fair for Books and Press in 2 major events:

Saturday 30th of April 2011
Debate Conference about the Future of reading

The Future of Reading - conference and debate (open to the public)

What impact will new digital devices have on reading? 
How are consumers reacting to these new ways of reading?
How can these new tools be introduced to the market without creating panic?

Open to the general public, this conference will present a synthesis of the Laboratoire des Nouvelles Lectures (Laboratory of New Reading) activities, and offer a realistic view on the integration of these new technologies in the world of reading.

Session 1 | 10h15 – 11h
Laboratoire des Nouvelles Lectures – Results
The main actors from the Laboratoire will share the results of the intensive activity on the online platform from these past 3 months. In this session, we will present the prize for the best project submitted on the website. We will also share the experience of professionals who tested their projects on the platform.

Session 2 | 11h15 - 12h30
Is the introduction of digital technology changing the process of writing and publishing?
Is this just a new channel or are we dealing with a whole new way of doing things?
How do authors imagine the dialogue between themselves and their readers in this new world?
Authors share their ideas with the public on these pertinent themes.


Moderator: Laurent Haug

Session 3  | 14h00 – 15h30
How can the book be inspired by the playful aspects of video games?
The speakers will discuss the ways in which digital technologies are transforming the book as an object.
How can augmented reality, mobile technologies and geolocalisation lead to a new reading experience? 


Moderator: Laurent Haug

Session 4  | 16h – 17h30
Roundtable : The changing world of publishing
Hosted by Frederic Kaplan with:

  • Christian Gallimard (Calligram)
  • François Gèze (Editions La Découverte)
  • Octavio Kulesz (Alliance des éditeurs indépendants)
  • Olivier Martinet (HP)
  • Pascal Vandenberghe (Payot)

Monday 2nd of May 2011
Workshop – Edition and numerical distribution

Are you an editor, a librarian or a bookseller? The new reading forms intrigue you, fascinate you, worry you…
This workshop will give you an insight and a better understanding of your peers' feelings, reactions and experience from readers and solutions from the industry experts.


See here the pictures of the Laboratoire des Nouvelles Lectures conference.