Todd Embley

Program Director at Chinaccelerator

Todd is a serial entrepreneur who has been living in China for more than 6 years. Todd’s main areas of expertise lie in Lean Startup methodology, Entrephilosophy, Marketing and Customer Development.

He has been a speaker for Global Mobile Internet Conference, TEDxSuzhou, GSMA Innovation Labs and many others, as well as vetted more than 1000 companies for the Chinaccelerator program.

Todd has mentored at many startup events across China including:

  • GMIC G-Startup
  • Lean Startup Machine
  • 3-Day Startup
  • Startup Weekend
  • Steve Blank’s NEXT program
  • Beijing TechHive

Todd has also been a judge at various startup competitions, including Mobile Monday, GSMA, Venture Day, 3 Day Startup, Lean Startup Machine, Tech Trailblazers