Sophia Lin

Art Curator, Founder of Make+ and Basement 6 Collective
Bridging Art with Science to create inspirational projects in Shanghai

Sophia Lin, art curator, founder of Make+ art and technology program and co-founder of Basement 6 Collective. She is an advocate for crossover collaborations, especially in connecting artists, designers with engineers and scientists.

Make+ Art & Technology program is a non profit program supported solely by volunteers. Make+ wishes to connect the art and tech community, and help realize inspirational projects. Make+ also organizes educational workshops and events that are dedicated to making, as well as exhibitions to promote the exchanges between different professions, to raise public awareness in creativity and crossover collaborations and to inspire more creativity.

Basement 6 Collective is a studio and a community space dedicated to promoting the arts in Shanghai. Created in April 2013, B6C houses everything from artist residences and dance events to film screenings, parties and exhibitions. It is located in an old bunker on Huashan Lu and HuaiHai Lu.