Pascal Marmier - Switzerland & China

Director, swissnex China

Pascal Marmier is the director of swissnex China. He has been in the swissnex network for over 12 years, the last 4 years he was Executive Director of swissnex Boston. Previously, he was part of the founding team and has been in charge of the development of the “innovation and entrepreneurship” part of the organization.

A generalist with MBA from MIT Sloan and an early career as a Swiss and US corporate transaction lawyer, Pascal developed a passion and keen understanding for science, technology and innovation. Working as an entrepreneur within a government context, he is expert at transforming ideas into action and pursuing a bold vision to explore the potential of sharing knowledge and developing relationships.

Pascal is recognized as a “smart connector” who systematically creates value for the people he brings together. Be it individually or in group, he has the ability to understand the overlapping interests and anticipate how people can collaborate in a mutually beneficial way. He also sees potential and builds bridges between people and organizations from different disciplines and cultures.