Nelly Bussac

Architect & Urbanist willing to bridge scales from interior design to urban planning

Nelly Bussac is a co-founder of Aba-workshop. Her interests are soon focused on urban complexity issues in addition to her original architect status. In Hong Kong she gets to discover a new way to map and move in a city; her project approach has changed eversince. She considers Mobility as a major tool to build cities and create architecture. Driven from a pedestrian eye, her hong kong urban studies bring her to work with a mobility pioneer Bruno Marzloff about Smart cities back in 2007.

7 years later, after working in interior design in London, ambitious master planning in China, and strategic airport city planning, she is now developing with the help of Loic Brenterc'h a multi-scale project approach from inception to construction, open to any creative input from transdiciplinary fields.