Michele Franci

CTO, Development and Engineering at Inmarsat

Michele Franci, CTO, Development and Engineering, is responsible for the Inmarsat space and ground infrastructure (network and access technology), and product and service development. He is also in charge of the delivery of the Global Xpress programme, bringing it to its commercial launch, including regulatory and market access programs.

Michele has also been tasked to frame and develop a yield analysis and management capability, and is responsible for the infrastructure competition intelligence and analysis.

Prior to joining Inmarsat, Michele worked at SES from 2006 to 2012, as SVP for Planning and Procurement, he was part of the Engineering management committee, responsible for the SES fleet management, mission design and development, satellite and launcher procurement and risk management. Before that, he worked at Arianespace. From having responsibility for initial mission management (including twelve launch campaigns) he rose to VP Business Development, leading the marketing group, including commercial strategy and proposals, long-term strategic development and sales oversight. Between 2000 and 2005 he was a member of Arianespace’s Board of Directors. Before that, Michele spent five years with Fokker Space, as Program Manager of a European multinational robotic arm development for use on the ISS. He also spent one year at ESTEC’s advanced studies and simulation department.