Benoit Pereira da Silva

Ultra Mobile Developer, Movement Activist

A child programmer in the era of the Z80, Benoit becomes passionate about programming and abstract machines. A graduate of the Sorbonne, in Visual Arts and Art Sciences in the 90s, he moves, interchanges and hangs trees, interests himself in clouds, stones and generative processes. At the end of 1999, he gives up Art to start a business. He founds several publishing and service companies in the field of digital imagery and workflows in France and Bulgaria. He teaches creative programming at the University of Toulouse, participates in a number of research projects on the design of participative processes and contributes to the development and fine-tuning of digital imagery workflows.

In 2006, fed up with city life, he moves his family to the edge of the CĂ©vennes National Park. In 2008, he becomes an independent consultant and tele-commuter, spending almost all of his time developing mobile applications. During all of this time, he accumulates the pounds. In 2013, he comes out of denial and starts to work on an office treadmill. Since then he has continued to walk and campaign for the movement. He has created and hosted the experimental community and reservoir of ideas called