Abir Oreibi

Connects innovators from around the world through events and high impact projects
CEO of Lift

Abir has lived and worked in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bankgok and London. She now lives in Geneva and is active in a number of areas: CEO of Lift, Member of the commission for Technology and Innovation, CTI Startup (CTI/KTI), Curator, CAS Certificate Advanced Studies entrepreneurship and self marketing for young designer program, HEAD, Member of the executive bureau of the MAMCO friends association, angel investor and advisor & board member.

Abir's experience came from taking on roles in diverse sectors: the business conference world (IIR) running telcos and IT conferences in Asia-Pacific, the contemporary art world with the co-foundation of Bizart, a Shanghai art organisation initially created to boost artistic exchanges between China and Europe, the NGO world with the co-foundation of 1libya.org, an organization focusing on media and civil society, to the startup world when she was the first Europe-based employee of Alibaba.com and stayed on as Europe & Middle-East Business Development Director and General Manager for over 8 years. 

A Libyan and Swiss Citizen, who studied Political Sciences in Geneva, a proud mother of three children and two step-children, Abir's background and interests were brought to Lift which she has been presiding since 2011. Her vision is includes connecting innovators from around the world through events and high impact projects, hoping to allow for meaningful and creative projects to come out of these connections.