Feb. 4–6 2015 – CICG, Geneva, Switzerland

Private Workgroup: Aerospatial Tech Design Fiction

Curated by Lift
Wed, Feb. 04 2015 - 15:00 to 17:30
Room 23 (Floor 0)
  • Brings Space to Earth by fostering satellite-based apps and services
  • Principal at Near Future Laboratory and Professor at HEAD Geneva

It is important to note that this workshop is private. Participation is on invitation only. Thank you.


Workshop description: Design Fiction is an approach to design that speculates about new ideas through prototyping and storytelling. It has emerged as a pre-eminent tool for designing, challenging and understanding speculative future realities. Unlike foresight-related tools (opportunity maps, scenarios), design fiction uses standard objects and media conventions as a way to express ideas about the future: fictional product catalogue, map of a fictional area, journal, short video showing a day in the life of a person, etc.

To some extent, design fiction is like science fiction in that the stories bring into focus certain matters-of-concern, such as how life is lived, questioning how technology is used and its implications, speculating about the course of events; all of the unique abilities of science fiction to incite imagination-filling conversations about alternative futures.

FormatThis workshop will start from emerging technologies (sensor systems, etc.) developed by ESA and look at the future worlds in which they exist: what kind of experiences would come to pass if the world were to be filled with such technologies? To what kind of “megatrends” and future scenarios can these applications be connected? What kinds of products may appear? How would they be sold, to whom? What kinds of objects may be designed for everyday use? With a group of designers and start-up experts, the workshop will address these questions and generate product concepts.

Download the Final result of the Workshop here