Feb. 4–6 2015 – CICG, Geneva, Switzerland

New techniques in science storytelling

Curated by Lift
Fri, Feb. 06 2015 - 14:00 to 15:00
Room 19 (Floor 3)

Ever wonder how storytelling can be applied to “non-narrative” concepts, especially those of technical or scientific nature? Join us for a special Masterclass that reveals novel narrative techniques in science communication, from dark matter to climate change, and even the scientific concept of emergence.

In March of 2014, in partnership with the Tribeca Film Institute, the CineGlobe International Film Festival at CERN organized the first ever science storytelling hackathon. Titled "Story Matter,” it was the first international and the first science-concentrated edition in the prestigious Tribeca Hacks series. The Hack at CERN brought together 43 uniquely qualified individuals from all over the world—including Brazil, the US, France and Portugal—for five days to work on creating new ways to tell stories about science. The event was made possible with generous support from IdeaSquare at CERN, the Lift Conference, and Festival Tous Ecrans.