Feb. 4–6 2015 – CICG, Geneva, Switzerland

Digital Transformation and Big Data

Curated by the Lift community
Thu, Feb. 05 2015 - 15:00 to 16:00
Room 20 (Floor 3)
  • Marketing and Communication Manager at Knowledge Plaza
  • Chief Marketing Manager, co-founder and designer at Knowledge Plaza

Our new connected world is opening up a vast amount of opportunities, and not only from a technological perspective. The sharing economy is accelerating the phenomenon. Shared knowledge and innovation are becoming more global than ever, allowing the combination of the promising yet highly disruptive and radical concepts driven by the Digital Transformation.

Meanwhile we see psychological barriers within companies, broken technologies, lack of vision, bad customer experience, missed opportunities, slow learning curves and hardcore branding issues. We are also seeing new information silos emerge, platforms with restricted accesses and new monopolistic gateways. Big data might be big, employees might be connected, but their challenges are becoming more complex than ever. Trying to keep up with this evolution requires the right balance between pragmatism, structure and agility.