Feb. 5-7 2014 – CICG, Geneva, Switzerland

Privacy & Data Protection conversations : how might we reinstate trust in a global digital society?

Thu, Feb. 06 2014 - 11:30
Room 14 (Level 2)

Workshop description: Privacy and Data Protection aren’t pure theoretical or cold legal concepts found in books and laws; they have become evolving shared issues and values. These issues have become multi-stakeholder wicked problems that must be addressed also outside specialist groups and closed doors. This will impact how we live, work, consume, socialize, and ultimately shape our future democracies.

In a post Snowden era where new regulations are discussed all over the world in a piecemeal way, we are facing a growing mistrust in intermediaries. This can be seen as an unprecedented breach of trust and has sparked legitimate questions about what to protect, how to protect, who overlooks, etc. We would like to invite you to take a moment to discuss with us what may be the key elements of the future of privacy and data protection.

Workshop highlights and takeaways: Information – transparency – fairness – control

Citizens claim for education and information at school, and for effective tools to identify the flows of their data. They expect a fair use of data by the government and want to have leverage as customers. Enterprises and corporations should be transparent (and clear) about the data they are processing and keep in mind that privacy is not against the business.

Privacy can bring new opportunities and privacy by design adds value to current businesses. The government is expected to protect citizen data and adopt a protective framework, even if this costs money. A legitimate use of data by the government is accepted. Technical providers should be transparent and deliver what they promised. They should protect data and continue to develop technologies.

There is finally a consensus that we need whistleblowers to raise transparency, awareness and control. Whistleblowing still represent a risk, for instance of leakage of private data or personal motivation.

See the workshop summary on Storify.

Workshop feedback in French "Comment restaurer la confiance".