Feb. 5-7 2014 – CICG, Geneva, Switzerland

The Power of Narrativium! How Memes, Stories, Movies, Theatre and Arts connect Minds

Fri, Feb. 07 2014 - 09:00
Room 8 (Level 2)

Nothing can connect and unite people more powerfully than the mutual and collective experience of a shared adventure. Like waking up on time for an early morning workshop!
Our brains are hungrily looking for plots, creating narrative connections whenever possible and it is mutually shared stories that keep cultures and societies alive - thus determining our future.

Rituals, storytelling and theatrical performances were among the first bond-forming rituals mankind has developed. So get a couple of kicks for you brain as TeeKay guides you from the origins of theatre at the prehistoric fireplace until our culture of sharing info in social networks and remodeling our world on all levels: culture, commerce and a globalized way of life.