Sept. 17-18, 2009   |   Jeju, South Korea

The third edition of Lift in Korea explored how social networks, online games, robots and communicating objects, once designed for entertainment purposes, are giving birth to a whole new range of opportunities and challenges. The two-day conference welcomed 450 participants on Jeju Island and featured an open program where members of the audience presented their ideas and projects.

Selected hot topics

Meet some of the speakers

  • Robot Movies Producer, South Korea, CEO, Shincine
  • Co-founder, Cyworld
  • CEO of the second largest social network service in Korea, Neowiz
  • New Generation Architect, Founder of Mass Studies
  • Founder of me2DAY


End user's guide

Taeyoon Choi will join the Lift Conference via a video recorded presentation from his studio in New York City. He will talk about recent projects and related issues in the networked environment, which is potentially a tool of control, deception, and profit for the power. Choi will share his insights in working around the limitation, and presents the to innovative hacking and creative misuse, through open source practice. Projects such as ‘Camerautomata Charlie’ and ‘Liars Picnic’ will be explained. Choi will also mention his inspirations from favorite micro communities and activist’s use of technology for social change.

Surveillance drama

"Surveillance Drama" series, by Yangachi, recreate scenes from a film by using footages from surveillance cameras networked in urban space. Important scenes from popular movies such as 'Purpose of love', 'King Kong' are selected and remade. 'Surveillance Drama: Purpose of love' focus on the conversation between lovers, 'Surveillance Drama: King Kong' focus on the role of King Kong as it intervenes the orderly ways of the contemporary society. Interesting stories and the gaze of surveillance intersects in the 'Surveillance Drama series. The Gaze from the surveillance, the gaze from the daily life, and also the reverse perspective from the subject are remixed and reveals the contemporary state of surveillance.

Cradle Song - Blue Fish

Engrave the sea on your body and lie it surge
Sing the lullaby as a mother pats her child
At the tip of falling into a deep sleep, it wakes you and runs away
Protect our Environment!

Kim Joon expresses his obsessions and desires in the form of tattoo. Through his initial installation work of tattooing a fake piece of flesh, he makes a discourse on the gap between the body and the tattoo. He also boldly demonstrates the repression towards individuals under the social convention by tattoo, a cultural and legal taboo in Korea.


The importance of technology, the coexistence of the ancient and the new and the presence of the sea as both a calming and menacing elements seem to be the fundamental ideas to the creation and development of this model-city. The city of Songdo is a challenge to human’s ability to plan a large scale construction work and, most of all, it will reflect on how urban society can be organized for people to interconnect, network and live with each other in such controlled and optimized environment. AntiVJ’s will present a visual+sonic piece exploring these ideas.

Value @ Lift

Value@Lift by Seung Joon Choi is an experiment for exploring the possibility space of insights through visualization of participants inputs what they think about the value of this conference already have, should have and the value of the participant themselves have via SMS. When participants input those 3 or more words to their mobile device, they might have experience the internal provocation process because they suggested think about the values. And then they will watch the screen that shows the visualization which is a shared medium that describes relationship between values, dynamics of their thoughts, conflicts, local harmony etc. throughout this they might have experience the outer provocation process and these whole process lead the next iteration of same but altered process so it builds positive feedback loop and it may open ended as an equilibrium.


Lift09 in Asia videos and pictures

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Hojun Song "Open Source Satellite Project" (Lift Asia09 EN) from Lift Conference on Vimeo.