Kasper Fangel Skov - Denmark

Audio Designer, winner of the Data Canvas: Sense Your City Lift Grand Prize

Kasper Fangel Skov is an Audio Designer based in Denmark. As a graduate from Aarhus University he is equipped with a methodical and technical overview that ensures boundary-pushing and innovative audio designs where he makes use of current technologies to transform spaces and create engaging and immersive experiences.

He is mainly concerned with developing interactive media and experiences directed towards cultural institutions and urban spaces, but he also has experience working with video game and film productions among other digital media.

His recent project sonic particles 2.0 received great appreciation as winner of the international data art challenge Data Canvas: Sense Your City. The project transforms real-time environmental data from DIY sensors placed in seven international cities into ever-changing musical compositions with the purpose of making arbitrary data more tangible for citizens and other interested users.

Common to most of Kasper’s projects is his vision. He aims to create social and cultural impact through design and technology. His work lies within the interdisciplinary field of art, design and architecture, and he sees a huge potential in the further development of innovative audio products and experiences in collaborations across disciplines.

Kasper lives in Copenhagen with his better half, Julie Sommer Hansen.

Visit Kasper’s personal website to view and read about his projects.