Greg Bernarda

Co-founder of the Lift Prototyping Lab, Co-author of Value Proposition Design

Greg Bernarda works with individuals, teams and organizations on strategy, innovation and transformation. His call is to work collaboratively to design a future that employees, customers, and communities can all recognize as their own.

Greg is a frequent speaker on innovation; a co-author of the bestselling book ‘Value Proposition Design’, the sequel to ‘Business Model Generation’; the co-founder of the Hanwang Forum -a series of international events on sustainability- in Beijing; the co-founder, together with Danone, of the yearly NOE Programme in France; an external advisor to Utopies in Paris; a fellow of the Lift Conferences in Geneva; and a strategic advisor at JUCCCE in Shanghai.

Before setting up his own practice, Greg worked at the World Economic Forum from 2000 to 2008, engaging members into initiatives to address global and industry issues.