Fabio Franchino - Switzerland & Italy

Computational designer and a founding partner at ToDo, an interaction design studio

Fabio is a computational designer and a founding partner at ToDo, an interaction design studio based in Turin (Italy). He has always been involved in creative processes, ranging from music to design, passing through performing and generative arts. He discovered the potential of programming as a medium and unconventional tool for his creative purposes. He explores ideas through evolving processes, often finding unexpected, meaningful outcomes and new aesthetics. He teaches courses and workshops on computational design, data visualization and web prototyping at several institutions and universities in Italy and Europe. He organized the first Italian event devoted to computational practices in art and design.

Together with Giorgio Olivero, Fabio Cionini,Andrea Clemente, Fabio Franchino founded the interaction design studio TODO in 2007 that focuses on dialogue, exchange and community through the integration of ideas, interactivity and technology. The outcome is a steady stream of new experiences that question and redefine the relationship between technology, products, services and smart environments for the twenty-first century. TODO designs for a demographics who have thoroughly integrated digitalness into their lives and it deals with identity and strategy in the age of the mobile web, social networks, physical and pervasive computing. The studio enjoys an international network of design and communication professionals and among their clients Arduino.cc, Enel (Expo 2015), Banca 


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  • www.todo.to.it
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